"Diane, I Never Go Out Without You"


Lucky Selectism is thrilled to introduce the iconic vintage piece from the 1970's Disco Eyewear line: World of Fame / Frame Hong Kong, from our Vintage Auction collection.

As a rowdy and tumultuous 1970's society was with wars, protests, and fighting for one's rights, there was a significant hit of the new fashion trend to show one's striking and stylish look with a care-free attitude. 

The Seventies' eyewear fashion trend was about the discovery of oversized and prominent frames with bold colors. The introduction of the innovative fashion trend gradually led eyewear design to follow its unique qualities. Emphasizing the stylish look on one's eyes with either wearing bright colored eye makeup or putting on prominent frame eyewear was the key.

The 1960's Hippie Movement inspired the fashion industry to embrace prominent patterns and vivid colors. With the change in trend, the public was influenced by the models' iconic fashion style as Jane Birkin or a fashion designer, Diane Von Furstenberg.

Until now, the prominent fashion concept of the 1970's influences many fashion icons, designers, and the public.

World of Frames / Frame Hong Kong presents the iconic 1970's eyewear look with an oversized round frame with vibrant ruby red color and a hint of gradation in color on the temples. The nose bridge elegantly constructed with a slight curve also features the gradient in vibrant color, illustrating continuous design features. Empty intermediate space in each temple defines this piece as unique and exceptional, elevating the quality as a unique vintage piece with superb durability.



"Diane, I never go out without you"








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