LOT - 216

Lucky Selectism is proudly introducing the early 20th century’s inspired, binocular loupe opticals from American Optical Company, Americana.

American Optical Company (AO) was established in 1869 by its founder, George Wells from South Bridge, Massachusetts. At first, the purpose of wearing spectacles or pince-nez (“nose pinch”) was to help read or write. Also, to show your wealth or shoclaristic career.

Despite the rareness of owning a pair of eyewear, it slowly became accessible to the public. New designs and shapes of eyewear were a pleasant surprise to the people for many ways in the earlier years.

In the beginning, an eyewear type, pince-nez was very common among scholars. A great example of an American pince-nez wearer is The United States’ 26th President, Teddy Roosevelt. Magnifying glasses were very popular among scholars, jewelers, and doctors because it tremendously helped them to see objects with a high specification for such detailed scholaristic works that they were involved in.

The early 20th century inspired optical, Americana is a binocular loupe optical with adjustable square and magnified lenses. Thin temples which cover all around the ears give a high durability. The overall fit of this optical is lightweight, highly stable, and functional. No scratches on both lens and American Optical Co. (U.S.A.) signature is engraved on the bridge to the lens to prove this product’s authenticity.