About Us

"ECCENTRICITY, unveil your true self..." -H.won Not direct connection "ipseity" Lucky NY Selectism brings a dynamic array of styles to a diverse community to find the key to one's individuality.

Your outfit is not complete without the perfect pair of eyewear to compliment your identity. With eyewear becoming a must-have, choose from the Lucky NY Selecetism Collection to make your own statement with your own creative style.

Today's eyewear industry presents two ends of the market spectrum. The "high end" fashion designer brands with $400 + price tag. OR the "budget friendly" brands that lack quality. Lucky NY Selectism designs and produces each collection to provide the option for individuals to purchase both quality and affordable eyewear.

What is the meaning of the Lucky NY Selectism logo?

What is the meaning of the Lucky NY Selectism logo?The "key" symbolizes access to your personal individuality. With each eyewear you purchase, Lucky NY Selectism will help you claim your own identity.